Friday, November 04, 2005

East Coast

Three years have been passed since I got refusal for my F1 visa in the embassy of the United States. It made big changes in my decisions. This year our paper was accepted to be presented in IEEE System-on-Chip Conference (SoCC) which was held in Washington DC. It was a good chance for me to visit US. As I mentioned earlier I got my visa after interview and in the last week of September I was in DC. If I skip details about the conference itself, I would say, Washington DC was one the most beautiful cities which I have ever been. I think the biggest difference between DC and other similar western cities is the historical and political places which make it really special. For example, I enjoyed so much visiting "American history museum" and other nice places in international mall.

I was two days in New York city as well. To be honest, comparing to DC, NYC was so much crowded and polluted which are basically the things that I don't like at all. In downtown Manhattan always you should be careful because you have no control on things which are going on around you. Look at more pictures which were taken in DC and NYC:


After more than one month, finally I got time to write. In my last post I wrote that I would write about my trip if I was alive. Because of my long delay in writing I got some emails about my situation. Are you still alive? Have you come back from US? And ... . Fortunately I am still alive but I was very busy with different things and I didn't find time to write a new post. Sorry about that. I just want to say now I have three PhD courses which should be finished before Xmas and if we add one more course which I am its assistant, and some practical measurements and ... then please find a little time for me to write? ;) Just kidding! I think since I am a little bit lazy in writing new posts then it's my fault.
Anyway in the next post I will write about my recent trip to the United States. As you know it was a conference trip in order to participate in IEEE SoC Conference.
Thanks for all of my friends who sent me email because of my delay in writing.