Monday, June 12, 2006


Among different conferences in our field, IEEE Custom Integrated Circuit Conference (CICC) and IEEE European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC) are two conferences which have created very good balance between academic and industrial research publications. Despite ISSCC and VLSI Symposia which have less academic nature, in CICC and ESSCIRC you can find many original ideas purely originated from academia.
Interestingly, the deadline for these two conferences are at the same time, but ESSCIRC is started one week after CICC. Two weeks ago, the results of these conferences came out and we were notified that our papers (three papers) had been accepted for publication in these conferences. Right now the technical program of CICC is available but for ESSCIRC no program has been published yet. Looking at CICC technical program, the most interesting part for me is that I have found three papers in Wednesday sessions which address somehow the same topic as that of my paper about injection locking phenomenon modeling. Two of these papers will be presented after my presentation (session 24) by Abidi's group (UCLA) and Roychowdhury's group (University of Minnesota). The third one (Mutual Injection Pulling Between Oscillators) is the last paper in session 22 and will be presented by Prof. Razavi (UCLA).
Our second paper in CICC is related to "resonant clocking" research which we have started since last year.
I think I will have a great time in CICC this year because of attending to many good sessions. Unfortunately, I have no information about ESSCIRC program and consequently nothing to say about it right now, but when it is published I will write more about it.

Monday, June 05, 2006

ISCAS 2006

ISCAS 2006 was held in Kos Island in Greece. From many perspectives I would say this year the organization of conference was more efficient than the previous year (in Kobe). In my field I found some papers which were very interesting and I had the chance to discuss with some of the people who were somehow working in the same area.
During the conference one of the entertainments was Greek dance which I liked it so much. Take a look at two videos taken in welcome reception and banquet. Both the music and the dance are interesting to me. Next year ISCAS will be held in New Orleans.