Friday, December 30, 2005


First of all happy new year for you and I wish you a successful new year in your life. Actually, as I said before I was very busy with courses and chip measurements and I would say the results were promising and we are going to submit some papers soon (for conferences, not journal yet). On the other hand I find some time to relax and I am going to travel to Paris in order to celebrate new year there. Then what is the relation between topic of this post (ethics) and these things! Last month I passed a course about "ethics and technology". For that course I did a project which I think it was really interesting. The project was a research about an ethical problem in technology and I focused on "biopatenting". If you are interested in knowing more about the patents and biopatenting you can read my report.
It is not related to my main research area but it was interesting enough to shock me. I think it is worth to spend 10-15 minute to read it.
Anyway it is my last post in 2005 and I hope I can write more in the new year. Then see you soon in my blog. Have a nice time.