Friday, October 27, 2006

Lazy Blogger!

I am very lazy in writing my blog. It makes some of the invisible readers! angry, when they always see the same page coming to my blog. Sorry about that! I think the reason is the volume of responsibilities which a Ph.D. student should take care of.
As I promised here I try to write a little bit about my trip and then in the next posts I continue to write more about my research. The long trip to the USA and Switzerland was very useful. Two world-class conferences (CICC and ESSCIRC) are worthy enough to accept many problems related to a long travel. Many good presentations which were more from US in CICC and more from Europe in ESSCIRC. But the nature of research in Europe seems to be more analog and RF related while in the US you can see good digital papers too. I think it has been become a tradition because of the existence of strong cell phone companies in Europe. In ESSCIRC, Asad Abidi gave a very nice presentation related to SDR (software defined radio). I enjoyed it so much. Also there is good news which I prefer to postpone the writing about it for 1-2 months later. It was very good news for me after coming back from ESSCIRC. Then wait for it for a while!