Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Study in Sweden (2)

Doctoral study in Sweden takes between four and five years. During this period student should pass 160 course points. Typically 80-100 of these points are dedicated to research and writing dissertation. From financial support point of view there are different forms of supports. Normally Ph.D. students are like employees in their department and should work full time. They are paid for their full-time research and teaching and they pay tax exactly like other people in the country. There is another form in which the student finances his/her studies through other sources (e.g. loan, homeland and ...). In such a case there is no obligation for teaching and full-time research.
The process of admission for doctoral studies is not like the United States or Canada. There is no predefined deadline for coming applications and upon existing available positions, the department publishes new Ph.D. position announce. It means the prospective students should check different research groups to find available positions. To do that I can refer you to the previous post to check different departments inside the mentioned universities.
There is useful information about graduate studies in Sweden at National Science Foundation homepage.


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